10 Facts about the Fleece Johnson aka ‘Booty Warrior’

Fleece Johnson is also known as the ‘Booty Warrior’ was a prisoner in the Kentucky Penitentiary. He was taken into custody for an armed robbery case in the 1970s. As a prisoner, he was a sexual predator and is known to rape many of his coprisoners and also the Prison officials. 

He would hunt and get down as many prison booties as possible and that is why he is called the ‘Booty Warrior’. Fleece Johnson in the 1980s came into the limelight when he openly told how important prison booty was, he is also seen referring to the booty as a more important aspect than food or water. 

His approach line made news in the headlines, which goes something like- “I like ya, and I want ya. Now we can do this the easy way, or we can do this the hard way, the choice is yours.”

fleece johnson

Here are some lesser known facts about Fleece Johnson aka ‘Booty Warrior

  • Fleece Johnson popularly known as the Booty Warrior was born in the late 1950’s.
  • He was arrested in the case of armed robbery that took place in 1979 and was sent to the Kentucky Penitentiary which was a high security prison. He was initially convicted for 10 years.
  • By the time it was late 1980’s his conviction was added to another 18 years on the charge of prison sexual involvement and also as severe as first degree violence.
  • As he kept becoming a sexual predator he kept on commiting severe crimes which made the prison authority to keep extending his prison sentence. This time in the early 1990’s he conviction was added to another 20 years on the charges of assaulting a prison officer, making his overall conviction tenure 48 years.
  • By 2013, after completing about 50 percent of his convicted tenure, he was put on parole for a whooping 13 times and was rejected to be released on the basis of all the sexual assaults committed.
  • By 2015, Fleece Johnson reached the age of 57 and was again put on parole. This time he was gauged as low risk in the risk assessment test, which made him released on parole in September of 2015.
  • In the adult cartoon ‘the Boondocks’, Fleece Johnson’s story was addressed in the 9th episode of the third season which was called ‘A Date with the Booty Warrior’.
  • This cartoon featured real life characters as Otis Jenkins, a rapper popularly known as Thugnificent. He is featured in 8 episodes of the show starting from ‘the Story of Thugnificent’ to ‘the Fried Chicken Flu’.
  • Gangstalicious, another popular character in the Boondocks, was a fictionally written rapper character which was indirectly referred to rapper Big Trigger. Gangstalicious in the cartoon is shown as a homosexual who always tried to hide his sexual preferences in public.
  • The Booty Warrior gained popularity and was known to the world after his interview from the prison got telecasted on national television where he was seen speaking about the importance of male booty in the prison.

Cartoon adaptation

Booty Warrior’s sensational interview got him into an adult cartoon, where an episode was written around his real-life prison encounter in a more fictional manner. The episode was named ‘A date with the Booty Warrior. In the third season of Boondocks, the ninth episode is when the show was telecasted. 

The adult cartoon episode starts by showing footage from an untelecasted episode of the same cartoon, named ‘to catch a predator. The footage shows Chris Hansen (Christopeher Edward Hansen), a journalist who was hosting the show ‘to catch a predator’ which was a sting operation conducted by the TV to find cases of pedophiles. 

Chris Hansen in the show is seen confronting the Booty Warrior getting into a child’s house where he is seen to say that he has no interest in kids and is not a pedophile, but instead finds him attractive and also calls him Chris Handsome. 

The Booty Warrior also uses his famous catchphrase to which Chrish is taken aback, by the time Chris could react Fleece considered this to be him opting for the hard way, he is anally raped by the Booty Warrior right in front of the camera, and the clip ends. 

Then comes the main characters of the story Huey Freeman and Riley Freeman, 10 and 8-year-olds respectively. This is a fast-forward to 2010 which is 5 years from when the Christ Hansen episode happens. These brothers are shown fighting as a part of the punishment they are sent to attend a programme being conducted at a nearby prison along with their uncle Ruckus and a couple more students. The programme is called the scared stiff. 

Tom Dubious, a 40-year-old man who has developed a fear of being raped in the prison at a very young age of his life after seeing a prison rape video clip, confronted his fear and is now seen volunteering the group in the prison. In an unforeseen circumstance where Tom is found carrying a sharp toothbrush along with him to the prison, causes an uproar in the prison and as a result, both the children along with their uncle are captured by the prisoners as Tom escapes. 

Being responsible for the chaos Tom takes initiative to get all the kids and Uncle Ruckus back from the prison, in the process he misses getting Huey and Riley back. Tom goes back to get the kids from the prison and is encountered by the Booty Warrior, who wanted to rape Tom as the programme was taking place. 

Tom overcomes all his fears and fights back the booty warrior, at the end when the booty warrior is seen winning the fight and comes for Tom, he is shown slipping over a soap bar and falling. Taking this as an advantage Tom again attacks this sexual predator and flees along with the kids to safety. 

Although this being the fictional version, it is not known of Fleece Johnson since, nothing about his life or death.

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