2018 Printable Calendar with Indonesia Holidays

According to the new Gregorian calendars, the New Year’s Day is being celebrated in Indonesia on the 1st of January, which is also known as Tahun Baru Masehi by the local name out there. On the 28th of January, the Chinese new year is also being celebrated which is also known as Tahun Baru Imlek […]

2018 Printable Calendar with Germany Holidays

In Germany, all other holidays except the German unity day are made by the state legislation. There are numerous number of holidays which are being enjoyed by the native people out there. All of them are discussed in brief accordingly. On the 1st of January, the New Year’s Day is being celebrated. On the 6th […]

2018 Printable Calendar with France Holidays  

France Holidays 2018: Coming to all the basic holidays in France, the New Year’s Day is a national holiday and is celebrated on the 1st of January.  In France, on the 20th of March, the March equinox is being celebrated which usually falls on a Monday. On the 26th of March in France, the day […]

US Federal Holidays 2018 | National Holidays 2018

The national holidays 2018 include the 1st of January as the New Year’s Day. The 15th of January is being considered as the Martin Luther king Day in the coming year 2018. On the 24th of January, the belly laugh day is being celebrated in the year 2018. On the 2nd of February, the ground […]

Thailand Holidays 2018 | 2018 Thailand Holidays

Thailand Holidays 2018: In Thailand, almost sixteen public holidays are there in a particular year which are provided to both the private as well as the public sectors by the government of Thailand. Numerous observances of holidays are made which are discussed in brief. On the 6th of April, the Chakri Memorial Day is being […]

August 2018 Printable Calendar Templates

August 2018 Calendar: In both the Julian and Gregorian calendar, August comes as the eight month of the year. There are a total of 7 months out of 12 that have 31 days and August is the fifth month to have thirty one days. It comes between July and September. During the original ten month […]

Free April 2018 Printable Calendar Template

April 2018 Printable Calendar: April 24th to April 30th is known as the European immunization week. Denim day is said to be on the 26th of April as per the calendar. In the United States, the day of dialogue is being celebrated on the 28th of April. Also the pay it forward day is being […]

February 2018 Calendar Templates

The constitution day in Mexico is celebrated on the first Monday, that is on February 6th by the calendar.  The safer internet day is being celebrated on the second day of the second week of the February month. The international purple hijab day is also celebrated on the second Saturday, that is on the 11th […]

Free March 2018 Calendar Templates

March 2018 Calendar: The various Roman observances of ancient times are celebrated in the month of March. The various festivals celebrated are on March 1st, March 14th, and March 17th. March Calendar 2018 The festivals celebrated on these dates are :- Matronalia on March 1st. Junonalia on March 7th. Equirria on March 14th. Mamuralia on […]

January 2018 Printable Calendar

January is the month which is full of new luck, new joy, new desires, new wishes and a lot of new resolutions which gives immense amount of joy and satisfaction to people. This month is the first month of a year and is basically known as the New Year, as first January is celebrated all […]