February 2018 Calendar Templates

The constitution day in Mexico is celebrated on the first Monday, that is on February 6th by the calendar.  The safer internet day is being celebrated on the second day of the second week of the February month. The international purple hijab day is also celebrated on the second Saturday, that is on the 11th of February. Autism Sunday is on 12th February. Mother’s day in Norway is being celebrated on 12th of February. Also the great marriage day is on the 12th of February. On the 13th of February, the family day is being celebrated, which is on the second Monday.

February 2018 Calendar

February 2018 Calendar, February 2018 printable Calendar

Meal Monday in Scotland is also celebrated on the 13th of February. The national sports day in Qatar is celebrated on the second Tuesday of the month, that is on the 14th of February. The most important global information governance day is being celebrated on the third Thursday on the 16th of the February month. Yukon heritage day is also being celebrated in Canada on the third Friday on the 17th of February.

February 2018 Printable Calendar

February 2018 Printable Calendar, February 2018 Calendar

The national engineer’s week in United States is celebrated on the week of February 22nd. The international stand up to bullying day is basically being celebrated on the last Friday of the February month, the date being 24th February. The open that bottle night is celebrated on the last Saturday that is the 25th of February. On the last Tuesday of the February month that is on February 28th is celebrated the world spay day.

February 2018 Calendar Printable

February 2018 Calendar Printable, February 2018 blank Calendar

Now comes the rare disease day which is being held on the last day of February month that is on the 28th of February. On the 23rd of February, the fat Thursday is being held. Some fixed observances are also being noticed in the February month calendar which is always stable.

February 2018 Blank Calendar

February 2018 Blank Calendar, February 2018 Calendar

The abolition of slavery day in Mauritius is being celebrated on the 1st of February. Similarly the air force day is also being celebrated on the 1st of February. The constitution day in Phillippines  is also celebrated on the 2nd of February. Independence day in sri lanka and world cance day are being celebrated on the 4th of February as per the calendar. The national pizza day in the United States is held on the 9th of February.

February 2018 Calendar with Holidays

February 2018 Calendar with Holidays,

On the 15th of February the national flag of Canada day and the statehood day are being celebrated. On the 21st of February the international mother language day is also being celebrated. On the last day of the month as per the calendar, world’s tailor day is being celebrated. And on the 29th of February is the bachelors day celebrated.

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