Looking for some Perfect Keto Friendly Energy Drinks?

We will be discussing some of the keto friendly energy drinks in the following article.

keto friendly energy drinks

Here are some options of Keto Friendly Energy Drinks

If you’re on a diet, especially a keto diet, simple drinks like water, sparkling water, and zero-calorie drinks are your primary beverages. You just can’t grab a glass of smoothie or anything. There is a very common question among people, that if a person on a keto diet can have energy drinks. Yes, they can. There are some factors that you should keep in mind before choosing an energy drink if you’re on a keto diet.

We will be discussing some of the keto friendly energy drinks in the following article.

Before getting started, let me give a brief note about the other keto friendly drinks you can consume while on a diet

  • Water. Drink ample amount of water because there’s no harm in it. You can also add some herbs or life juice if you feel like.
  • You can consider tea and coffee for your keto diet. But make sure you don’t add even a pinch of sugar to it. Do not put too much milk. Just a couple of tablespoons.
  • You’ll get varieties of diet soda in the market, provided there is no added color or sugar.
  • You can drink some low-calorie drinks like vitamin water while on a keto diet.
  • There are alternative low-carb dairy products like unsweetened coconut milk that you can consume during the keto diet.

Keto Friendly Energy Drink

You will find many energy drinks in and around the market but most of them consist of added sugar. But, you can still get a few low-carb energy drinks in the shops. When you are on a keto diet and buying an energy drink, read the ingredients and the labels carefully.

Two Types of Keto Friendly Energy drinks

You get two kinds of keto friendly drinks in the shops. One is called keto friendly shot which has 2 to 205 ounces of liquid. The other usual keto friendly drinks have 16-20 ounces of liquid in them.

Suggested caffeine amount in keto friendly energy drinks

It is recommended to have “70mg to 300mg caffeine” in the keto friendly energy drinks. Be it the usual one or the shots.

Important ingredients of Keto friendly energy drinks

You’ll find various ingredients in all the  keto friendly energy drinks. Those are Ginseng, Carnitine, Vitamin B, bitter orange, Yohimbe, Brazilian cocoa, taurine, and sugars.

Keto friendly energy drinks list

  1. “Red Bull Sugar Free” is a very common keto-friendly energy drink available in every local shop. They have launched a sugar free version for those on a diet. It is important for you to know the ingredients it contains.
  1. “Aspartame” and “acesulfame k” substitute sugar.
  • 2 carbs.
  • There is a recently launched “sugar free coconut edition” of Red Bull
  • 8.4 ounces of liquid in a can.
  • Caffeine 80 mg
keto friendly energy drinks
  1. “Bang Energy Drink” is one of the best and most promising keto friendly energy drinks. It is comparatively new in the market. It’s not a shot like Red Bull but has 20 ounces of liquid in it. “Bang Energy Drink” has a wide array of flavors, lots of caffeine, and low carbs. Apart from all these factors, this particular keto friendly energy drink tastes exactly like cotton candy.
  1. “Monster Energy Drink” is another popular keto friendly energy drink like Red Bull. The brand has a tagline- “Sugar Free Monster Energy ultra”- to motivate its customers. They also have various flavors in this category of drinks.
  • “Zero Sugar Ultra Red”- “crisp and refreshing mixed berry”
  • “Sugar Free Monster Ultra Gold”- “golden pineapple”
  • “Zero Ultra The white Monster”- “light refreshing citrus”
  • Zero Sugar Ultra Violet” or “The Purple Monster”- “light citrus and grape”
  • “Zero Sugar Ultra Black”- “crisp and refreshing black cherry”
  • “Zero Sugar Ultra Rosa”- “bright and sweet”
  • “Zero Sugar Ultra Blue” or “The Blue Monster”- “light citrus and berry”
  • “Monster Ultra Sunrise”- “light and crisp citrus and orange”
  • “Monster Ultra Paradise”- “hint of cucumber”
  • “Monster Ultra Fiesta”- “hint of cool mango”
keto friendly energy drinks
  1. Some Low carb energy drink options

a. “Optimum nutrition drink” is a suitable alternative of the other low carb and sugar free drinks. It has all the essential amino acids and electrolytes.

It also has

  • Muscle recovery support with 5g Essential Amino acids
  • Supports focus and energy by the 100mg Caffeine extracted from natural sources.
  • Supports active living and performance with electrolytes.
  • No sugar. Per serving 5 calories.
  • 1 carb.
  • 10 refreshing flavors.

b. You can also add “Jacko GO Energy Drink” to your alternative list. It’s made out of sugar free monk food with zero sugar and 95 mg of caffeine.

c. “Reign Energy drinks” are also keto friendly energy drinks with 300mg of caffeine. If you need a burst of energy, this drink is for you.

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