Miami Dade County Clerk of Courts

The Miami Dade Clerk of Courts is a judicial circuit run by Clerk Harvey Ruvin, managing the majority of the court filings and maintaining records in the state of Florida. The organization is employed with over 1100 employees. The services they provide are- 

Traffic and Parking-

  • Civil Traffic Infractions
    Any non criminal traffic infraction that leads to seizing of the drivers license.
  • Criminal Traffic Violations
    Any criminal traffic violations can lead to arresting the driver.
  • Parking Citations
    Parking the vehicle against the parking guidelines will lead to a fine which is to be paid within 30 days.
  • Late Payments
    Late payments above 30 days lead to penalties and anything above 90 days leads to outsourcing to collection agencies.
  • Registration Stops of Tow Orders
    3 or more parking citations will lead to registration stops and 5 or more parking citations will lead to towing orders.
  • Suspended Drivers Licences
    In case of a civil traffic infraction, the suspended drivers license can be reissued after clearing the penalty. 
miami dade clerk of courts

Civil and family court-

  • Small Claims
    Small claims are to be done only after an extensive communication is done between both the parties and none comes to a compromise or verdict.
  • Central Depository Child Support & Alimony
    All the payments received for the child support is handled by the central depository for child support and alimony.
  • Restraining Orders
    The judge has the right to issue either a temporary or a permanent restraining order depending on the situation.
  • Domestic Violence
    You can fill in the domestic violence questionnaire before visiting the clerk’s office for a speedy process.
  • Juvenile Court
    Juvenile court is the authorised body assigned to handle all the petitions involving cases filed against children under 18.
  • Marriage Licences
    Couples in Florida can apply for legal marriage licences through this civil and family court office.
  • Probate Court
    All the small estate petitions, caveats, wills and probates are to be dealt by the probate court.
  • Mental Health Court
    Implementing the baker act in cases where an individual needs mental aid, clerks court helps by immediately preparing papers to take actions.
  • Simplified Divorces
    In case if a couple wants to mutually separate they can opt for the simplified divorce by filing a petition.
  • Judgements
    Judgements for garnishment of wages, writing of execution, collecting the copies of judgement and enforcing a foreign judgement can be done through this office.
  • Appellate Division
    Traffic case appeals, petitions, administrative appeals and parking appeals are the kind of appeals the appellate division gets to hear.

Criminal court-

  • Bond Refunds
    All the cash refunds that are to be done will be refunded within 10 days from the deposit date.
  • Collections
    Once all the delayed payments are moved to the collection agencies, the clerk’s office will collect the payment only along with the collection fees.
  • Suspended Driver Licenses
    The payments that are to be collected in case of any driver’s license being suspended due to criminal activity is collected by the clerk’s office.
  • Payments on Criminal Cases
    All the court costs and fines charged on criminal cases are to be paid on the online platform of clerks of court.
  • Identity Issues
    The clerk of courts is not authorised and is in no way responsible to change names on any original records of the courts.
  • Criminal Records
    All the criminal case database is available with the Miami Dade Clerk of Courts for public reference.


  • Jury Duty Guidelines
    Jury should maintain attire and dining etiquettes, appropriate language is to be used in the courtroom and an attendance certificate will be issued for your presence.
  • Where to Park
    Jury when asked to show up at a summon, is usually provided with parking decals which are to be shown at the assigned locations to park the vehicle.
  • Postponement or Excusal Request
    If a juror finds it inconvenient to attend a jury due to any reason , he or she can request one date postponement or request an excusal.
  • Payment & Compensation
    No employer has a right to fire an employee when on a jury duty according to the law of Florida.

Home and property-

  • Declaration of Domicile
    A person can purchase a house and reside in Florida only by filing a declaration of domicile at the court.
  • Deed Fraud
    To make sure that there is no deed fraud happening, clerks of the courts send a yearly tax notice so that on missing any the individual can contact the concerned department.
  • Landlord & Tenant Disputes
    Miami Dade Clerk of Courts assists individuals to find the right geographical district court to file disputes.
  • Code Enforcement
    Individuals who have violated County Ordinances are presented at the code enforcement office which holds court for immediate proceedings.
  • Property Tax Deeds
    All the tax deeds that are put on sale can be viewed in the property tax deeds office.
  • Mortgage Foreclosures
    This is the office that is going to provide you a list of all the mortgaged properties that are put on sale
  • Value Adjustment Board
    The Value Adjustment Board is the department that handles all the taxpayers to file timely tax petitions.
  • Value Adjustment Board AXIA Upload Instructions
    Value Adjustment Board AXIA is a platform put up for taxpayers to upload any evidence that is to be submitted for magistrate’s consideration.
  • Value Adjustment Board Procedures
    All the petitions that cross the given deadline are submitted to the value adjustment board to schedule hearings or valuations.


  • Official Records
    All official records in the country are recorded in the clerk of courts and can be accessed by the court or public for a nominal fee.
  • Certified Copies
    You can source primary case documents from the Miami Dade Clerk of Courts by paying a nominal fee, valid for a year.
  • Public Records Requests
    Public records can be found online on request. Upon request, you will be receiving a control number and receipt to keep a track.
  • Commercial Data Services
    Registered users get access to monthly , weekly and daily data on civil and criminal cases, marriages, traffic issues and other records.

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