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The spiritual system is an ancient idea that began on the Hindu Kush mountainside. B Huts came up with this idea after missions, later he scribbled the idea into his notebook under headlamps across numerous combat deployments. Today’s society’s task to do better on the idea is to care about it with integrity. 

Spiritus System
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The manufacturers do their best to design nice Spiritus systems to suit their customers’ needs in terms of use and sizes. Many people use them for military service and others for wild adventures. This blog will help analyze some of Spiritu’s systems types on the market.

  • Micro fight chest rig 
  • LV-119 Spiritus Systems
  • 4 Loop Pouch Spiritus system

Micro Fight Chest Rig 

Amongst the other Spiritus systems, this was designed to serve a special purpose. It’s mainly responsible for firearm-carrying professionals working in operations with low visibility and citizens as well. 

This system is ideal and very efficient as it bids an incredible solution for individuals who will have to respond to high-threat strategies at a moment’s notice. Being one of the most modular rigs on today’s market, you will have to start with the Chassis and then augment any components that you need to meet your requirements on a personal mission.

Some of these components might include micro fight Chassis Mk4, Micro fight fat strap, micro fight skinny strap, micro fight back strap, AXL Advanced micro fight standard half zipper insert, full zipper, and many more just mentioned a few.

LV-119 Spiritus Systems

This system is quite durable, of phenomenal quality, and adjustable in size. It’s a cohesive system where the user has to assemble some products and combine them with them to enable them to work efficiently. Components needed are: overt, placards, chest rig integration, rear plate bag, shoulder covers, cummerbund, and many more accessories.

Placards and chest rig integration are removable and give users a chance to use a reduced signature of a plate bag if it gets worn. 

Plate fitments have bags designed on them to accommodate thicker plates. The overt front bag has an open shoulder to facilitate communication cable routings within the plate’s bag and overt shoulders. The small routing points buckle on the chest to accommodate easy communication. LV-119 is one of the great and top-quality Spiritus systems to use.

4 Loop Pouch Spiritus system

This system is designed to optimize the equipment through organization hence increasing performance by improving its function. It’s modular and allows mixing and matching to the users’ specifications. Loop pouch is a very effective system and easy to use. You can easily carry an array of equipment in a very secure and organized way. 

It’s paired with a 4-loop pouch for effective performance. Larger footprints are used for stability in non-permissive environments. These systems are quite effective in wild areas for adventure and other personal use.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we have analyzed some of the Spiritus systems that can be found in the markets for use by military forces, poachers, wild adventure, or other personal use that you can prefer. And, some of the types of Spiritus systems include the 4 loop pouch Spiritus system, LV-119 Spiritus Systems, and Micro fight chest rig among others you must know this year.

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