colon cleaner hot

Is colon cleanser spicy?

Elixir of Capsaicin is an excellent Caribbean sauce. The brand Professor Phardtpounders named this Caribbean mustard sauce the Colon Cleaner Hot Sauce. This edition of the mustard sauce gives extreme heat and an island flavor to whichever food…

renaissance fashion

The renaissance fashion we know today

There were many restrictions regarding fashion during the renaissance period. It was allotted by the monarchs who will wear what kind of clothes including the cost of the material.  A major class difference existed at that time. It…

fashion boots

A list of attractive fashion boots;

All the fashion freaks out there, we know that a pair of classy boots is one of the best things in our closet. Some people often go boots shopping to pair them with their newest clothes. It is…

Fashion Earrings

How To Choose Good Fashion Earrings?

Selecting an outfit and the perfect accessories is a tedious process. The first few hours are usually spent on selecting the dress and then the accessories. Earrings are a very important part of fashion and women are pretty…

80s rock fashion

Things that are interesting about 80s rock fashion ;

Nothing was subtle in the 1980s. If you wanted to be cool, you could be that gracefully. Everything about fashion back in the 1980s revolved around vibrant statement colors and trendy cuts. People who were into rock music…

Regency Era Fashion

Unknown Facts About Regency Era Fashion

It is a little difficult to characterize early 19th-century Britain. 1st century was the era of Enlightenment or Renaissance. The Western world began to change in this period. It was a long journey from 1775-93. It is hard…

Old Fashioned Christmas

Some Facts about Old Fashioned Christmas

The time of Christmas is very special to all of us. We love to hang stockings over the windows or the fireplace and send gifts and cards to our family. These are some traditions and gestures being carried…

How To Turn Your Life Around

How To Turn Your Life Around in 5 Ways

Life is not a cakewalk. When we grow into an adult from children it is a tough transition that we all must accept and take our lives forward. The main focus should be health and earning lots of…

80s Hip Hop Fashion

Best of 80s Hip Hop Fashion

80s Hip-Hop Fashion: In the 80s era hip-hop culture was emerging widely among the youth and teenagers. Famous rappers, artists, and musicians started some iconic styles of clothing and accessories. The entire youth and the teenagers got enticed…

lifestyle advanced ways

What are the Lifestyle Advanced Ways?

Anyone can long for making their lives better. This is the most common wish that we all humans have. We all want to see ourselves as well as our near and dear ones to be happy and successful….