6 Things to Do Before You Turn in for The Night

6 Things to Do Before You Turn in for The Night

No one wants to be tired all the time when you can get enough quality sleep. How then do you maximize the quality of your sleep? It is vital to have a sleep ritual to help you get as much rest in your bed as possible. What are the things you do before you sleep? Do they help you unwind or waste your precious time that you would use for some beauty sleep? Strive to get enough sleep that is quality to be well-rested and ready to go the next day. Below are 6 things to do before you turn in for the night. 

1. Set the scene

To achieve better sleep your body should be in the right sleep environment. That is a cool, quiet, and dark environment, that has no light and noise coming to your bedroom. Where you have a lot of noise surrounding you, use an air conditioner, a fan, or a white noise app to keep it out. Ensure that your bed is comfortable, meaning you buy quality bjs mattress and cosy pillows. Finally, if you want the ultimate sleep experience, keep out your furry friends and find them their place that is away from your bed. 

2. Set a schedule

Set a schedule

A fixed sleep schedule is an important step to your journey of getting better sleep. Also, follow the sleep schedule on holidays and weekends. Importantly, ensure you respect the body’s preferences where possible. If you feel you are struggling to keep your plan. Set your alarm and follow through with a calming bedtime routine. Once you get used to your schedule, it will align with your circadian rhythm, and you will be able to improve your sleep pattern. 

3. Do not stress

When you create a sleep schedule and find it challenging to follow through at first. Thus, do not stress yourself if you are not sleepy at the time you should be sleeping. When you stress yourself, it is not a healthy thing to do before you turn in for the night. Get out of bed if you are only lying there for up to 20 minutes, and engage in pre-bed relaxation activities. Avoid obsessing on how much time is passing, as it will only stress you more and make it hard to fall asleep. 

4. Consider your pre-bed diet

Consider your pre-bed diet

The body is not designed to sleep and digest at the same. So among the things you should do before you head on to sleep. Eat heavy dinner early or stick to your lighter foods if you will eat later in the night. Where you feel peckish before sleep time, choose foods that promote sleep. For instance, warm milk, turkey, and honey are some that help. Others you can have are almonds, oatcakes, bananas, and chamomile tea. 

5. Power down your gadgets

Power down your gadgets

Did you know that most of your gadgets have a blue light that they emit, and it contributes to keeping you up? Another thing that you should do is to switch them off at least an hour or two before bed. If you find it difficult to keep your devices, install the free apps that change your screen to resemble the current time of day. In this way, your body will recognize that bedtime is close. 

6. Meditate or reflect

Meditate or reflect

It is important to take time to meditate and reflect on your day before you head to bed. This helps you use your sleeping subconscious when you take time to reflect before bedtime. In this way, you use this powerful tool to dream up these innovative ideas and make difficult decisions. One way you can do this is by writing or reflecting on various issues that give you hope. Others have meditation practices that they follow, and it works for them as well. All in all, what you opt for should help you clear your mind.

To sum up, the above are some of the things you should try to follow through on before you turn in for the night. Other people prefer stretching and doing yoga exercises, soaking in a warm bath, among many others. Through this, you will create a routine that will help you sleep well. 

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