Arthur Bomar: Murderer executed on Death Row

Most people who have been cleared of all previous convictions would think to start a new life, a fresh life. But some people just can’t seem to stop going back to old and terrible habits. This is the case of Arthur Bomar, who could not help but carry out atrocious acts even while on parole for a previous crime.

About Arthur Bomar

You might be wondering who is Arthur Bomar, and what is it about his story that makes it so intriguing and cruel that he landed a spot on death row? Let’s get to know a bit about Arthur Bomar and the crimes he committed prior to the crime that sentenced him to death row.

Arthur Bomar: Murderer executed on Death Row
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Arthur Bomar was an African-American man who was born on the 3rd of March, 1959, and spent most of his life living in Greene in Pennsylvania. It seemed like Arthur Bomar was a very troubled man, as he had an onslaught of convictions against him before he committed a terrible act of murdering a poor young girl named Aimee Ellen Willard.

Arthur Bomar’s troubled criminal life

As mentioned earlier, Arthur Bomar was a very very troubled man who had an onslaught of convictions against him. Prior, to committing the horrible act of murdering poor Aimee Ellen Willard, Arthur Bomar had already committed several atrocious crimes.

The first horrible crime that Arthur had committed was the act of murder. In the year of 1979, he had brutally murdered a police officer named Larry Carrier in the state of Nevada. When convicted of the murder, Arthur Bomar had pleaded guilty but was granted parole after serving 11 years in the penitentiary in the state of Nevada.

On the 25th of July in 1978, Arthur Bomar was finally released on parole after having served time for murdering police officer Larry Carrier. Now, one would think that after having served such a long sentence, this individual would have at least made some effort into getting their life back together. But this was far from the actual reality of what Arthur Bomar did after leaving prison.

Multiple sources claim that while on parole, Arthur Bomar was a really messed up human being who kept getting in trouble with the law. According to these sources, his parole sentencing was not only because of the fact that he had murdered a police officer, but the actual charge he was facing was a charge of Manslaughter.

Arthur Bomar did not abide by his parole conditions, and was not in fact a model citizen during his probation period. The state of Nevada required that during Arthur Bomar’s parole sentencing, he was to remain in Las Vegas until the sentence was over. 

Arthur Bomar broke this rule, and fled the state of Nevada before his sentence could be decided upon. Now under the circumstances, anyone who breaks their parole sentence is automatically sentenced to a longer sentence in jail without the chance of bail and/or parole.

However, due to failure in the judicial system of multiple states across the United States of America, Arthur Bomar was able to roam freely, and undetected for several years. Who knows what he could have gotten up to during those years. A person who can escape parole is a person who is probably not of sound mind.

It wasn’t until the year 1996 that Arthur Bomar was found by the authorities. It wasn’t due to some miracle, but because of the fact that Arthur Bomar couldn’t help but fall back into old habits.

In the year 1996, he went back to his murderous roots and killed a poor young girl who went by the name of Aimee Ellen Ward without even a second thought.

How Arthur Bomar carried out his second murder

After having being charged for manslaughter back in 1979, Arthur Bomar went off the radar for several years only to be found later in the year 1996 for the brutal murder of Aimee Ellen Ward.

The way in which Arthur carried out this murder was so gruesome that it warranted him a spot on death row, ready to be executed. Let’s take a look at exactly how he carried out this act, and why it was so gruesome.

It is assumed that Aimee Ellen Ward was murdered by Arthur Bomar on the 20th of June, 1996 in the state of Pennsylvania as her body was found a couple days later. However, the authorities did not link the case back to Arthur Bomar initially, as Aimee Ellen Ward’s case only began to make headlines when reports of another woman who was missing started circulating.

Arthur Bomar: Murderer executed on Death Row
Aimee Ellen Williard
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This other woman was named Mario Cabuenos who was reported to be missing in March 1998. Not only was she reported missing, but also her car and it was at this moment that authorities slowly started piecing together the puzzle both Maria Cabueno’s case and Aimee Ellen Ward’s case and started linking it back to Arthur Bomar.

You see on the night that Aimee Ellen Williard was murdered, a woman had reported that Aimee Ellen Williard was driving really fast on the highway and had tried to get her to pull over but refused to do so. It was at this moment that the woman remembered the license plate and reported it to the authorities.

When police did a match of the license plate, they had found that the car was in fact a car that was registered to Arthur Bomar. Now this is where the cases of the two women mentioned earlier link together, the twist in this story is that this car had officially belonged to Mario Cabuenos.

Could it be that Arthur had murdered Maria prior to going on to murdering Aimee Ellen Ward? We may never know, as Arthur Bomar was never linked to Maria’s disappearance.

Upon re-opening Aimee Ellen Ward’s investigation, the facts of her murder are as follows:

  1. Aimee Ellen Ward was on the way home after hanging out with her friends
  2. Aimee Ellen Wards car was found off of Exit-5 near the Interstate of the state of Pennsylvania
  3. The drivers side of Aimee’s car was left wide open
  4. Aimee’s body was found badly brutalized with her skull badly fractured
  5. There was a shape of the oil pan on her skull
  6. Police found traces of Aimee’s hair and blood in his car
  7. In Arthur Bomar’s car was also the same pan that resembled the mark on Aimee’s skull

From the facts of the case, for this atrocious act, he was convicted for several horrible crimes. These crimes included first-degree murder, kidnapping, rape, corpse abuse, and assault.

It is assumed that he had not only used the oil pan to bash Aimee Ellen Ward’s skull in, but had abused her horribly before her death through sexually assaulting her. If that was not bad enough, her corpse also looked like it had been abused even after her death.

Arthur Bomar should not have been given a chance to commit a second murder

After analyzing all the facts of the first murder and the second murder that Arthur Bomar had committed, he should not have even been able to commit the second murder.

The failure of the judicial system in the state of Nevada had allowed for Arthur to lapse back into old habits, and failed to protect Aimee Ellen Ward. If the state of Nevada had continued to fund the case of Arthur Bomar, he would not have been able to flee from his parole sentence and Aimee Ellen Ward would probably be alive today.

When judicial systems fail, as they did in the case of Arthur it should be up to the families of the victims to demand justice. The state of Nevada should have never allowed for Arthur Bomar to even be allowed for parole. It can be said that the judicial system failed all parties involved.

Where is Arthur Bomar now?

After having been convicted for the murder of Aimee Ellen Ward, Arthur Bomar was sentenced to imprisonment at Greene Pentiary. 

The nature of Arthur Bomar’s case warranted him the death sentence because, during his trial, he did not seem to feel any remorse whatsoever. When the judge had sentenced Arthur to death, he seemed to not have any reaction whatsoever. It seemed as if at this point, he did not care if he lived or died. 

According to Aimee’s fiancee, Arthur Bomar had even confessed to him that he was the one who murdered Aimee. Other inmates also backed up Aimee’s fiancee’s statement by saying that Arthur Bomar seemed to be very adamant about the fact that he did commit the murder and all the crimes the prosecutors had charged him with.

So a man who has no remorse, do you really think he would be given a second chance to roam free and continue to murder more people? The answer is no, justice finally was granted in November 2014 when Arthur Bomar was finally one step closer to death.

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