Benchmade Infidel Review

Benchmade is a knife company known for its high-quality designs and unique features of knives making it one of the most popular brands in the world. They have acquired the trust of customers due to the best services they have offered so far and continue to do so. While some people prefer heavy-duty knives that can perfectly fit in their pockets, the Benchmade Infidels are best for that how? Let’s find out in detail with this Benchmade Infidel Review.

Benchmade Infidel Review

Typically known as a sliding knife, the Benchmade Infidel is well-designed to perform several functions very quickly. It is fit for Military use and law enforcement operations. The other applications involve its use as a collector’s knife or a tool for self-defense.


As the name indicates, the infidels were designed by Benchmade Knives which is now one of the best-selling OTFs known in the market. Here, OTF means the Out-the-Front knife that has a hole in its blade for opening and closing functionalities to be kept in the pocket. It has many editions including Infidel 3300, Infidel Mini-Inf 3350, and many others.

In 2006, the first Infidel has launched that got famous overnight. Though its use is for a specified number of customers who have been legally granted, there is still much buzz in different parts of the world. People try their best to follow such regulations to get this masterpiece. Check out this brief Benchmade infidel review to know the stupendous features it possesses.


  • The total length of Infidel is 8.91 inches with a blade hardness of 60-62HRC, D2 tool blade steel that is very sharp and strong.
  • The multi-colored handle (4.8-inch long and 0.59-inch thick) is very good at grip as well and makes it easier to hold the knife in both hands.
  • The handle possesses mirrored cutouts on both sides and a pocket clip is also attached to it.
  • Best for use by both, left and right-handed people.
Benchmade Infidel Review
  • A double-action automatic lock is its distinctive feature.
  • It is quite comfortable to hold in hand and a solid tool.
  • The carbon steel used in OTF 3300 model has much toughness and durability making it perfect for long-time uses.
  • The spear point design is a slicer and very quick in action that can cut even the hardest material too soon.
  • The limited edition of the Gold Class series is far more novel and gives excellent performance.

Alternatives of Benchmade Infidel (short review)

During the mid-nineties, many new names got introduced like Microtech and then ProTech to give strong competition. They did succeed to some extent by producing some best quality OTF knives. Later, Microtech’s prices were found to be higher than Benchmade Infidel and they also lacked proper services.

Pros and Cons of Benchmade Infidels

The lockup introduced in Infidels is quite solid and fit for use with an overall good finishing. However, the deployment switch sometimes may lack proper functionality. It can be easily held in both hands and the blade system is too good. One of the main issues is its high prices nowadays, the Benchmade Infidels retail for almost $400. Check out BladeHQ.

Finishing of Benchmade Infidels

As has been already mentioned that the prices of Benchmade Infidels are quite high, so the major reason is the great finishing of this product. The knife is very tolerant and durable with the ability for prolonged use. The chances of damage or malfunction are quite low and these knives are still highly admired by many.

The Pocket Clip

The pocket clip holds the knife securely in your pocket and simultaneously, it is loose enough to help you in taking out the knife quickly. Lubricants can be added to the knife via the cleaning port located at the base of the handle.

The blade switch can be replaced if it cannot work properly due to overuse, it may seem unlikely though. As per some public views, they charge $30 for replacing the knife’s blade. There is this three-point retention system that helps in keeping the blade in the right place. A trigger switch is also present that quickly folds the blade with a very efficient spring.

Benchmade 51 Review

After the popular Benchmade 42, the new version Benchmade 51 was introduced in 2009. It was marketed as an ECD balisong knife where EDC stands for Every Day Care. A perfect folding knife that can be carried easily in a pocket having swift action.


  • The overall length of Benchmade 51 is 9.35 inches having a 4.25-inch blade and a weight of 3.3 ounces.
  • It ranges in price to about $200.
  • It was introduced first in the USA.
  • When closed, it has a length of 5.40 inches.
  • Handles are made of G-10 material and D2 tool steel is used in making blades.

Deployment Mechanism

The opening mechanism is unique and quite interesting. Two handles attached via pivots to the blade can be held open or closed with the help of a latch. These handles can be made to swing freely if the latch is detached. The position of handles in the user’s hand is important in adjusting its movement.

Flipping Action

This knife can be used as a flipper with many different techniques. It all depends on the weight and balance of the balisong. However, in the case of Benchmade 51, there is a bit drawback that it easily loses control while flipping due to its lightweight. So, for an expert flipper, choosing a heavier version of infidels is recommended like the Benchmade 62.

Benchmade Finish

The Benchmade knives have the best finish making them perfect for carrying as folders in the pocket. Another best feature is that the handle does not get rubbed against clothes and retains its texture. The overall performance of the infidels is undoubtedly praised. With the more advanced features, the Benchmade infidels are still considered one of the best knives of the present times.

Hence, choosing infidels as your pocket knife is a good option unless it does not challenge your state policies. Make sure to be well aware of the legalities before purchasing one.

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