Teen Paris Lee Bennett Killer Who Murders His Little Sister

The tragic story of teenage killer Paris Lee Bennett has haunted the community of Huntsville, Alabama since the year 1994. Aged just 13 years, Paris savagely murdered his 4-year-old little sister, Ella. This heinous crime left the world in shock and disbelief, as it has always been considered unnatural for a young child to take the life of a sibling. In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about the Paris Lee Bennett murder case, including early life, background, personality, motive, and legal proceedings.

Early Life of Paris Lee Bennett

Paris Lee Bennett was born on 8th February 1981 in Huntsville, Alabama, to Wendy and Mark Bennett. Paris’ father, Mark, had served in the United States military, and after retiring, he secured a job with Lockheed Martin. Wendy, on the other hand, worked as a bookkeeper. Paris was their firstborn, but they later had two other children, a daughter, Ella, and a son, Isaac.

In his early years, Paris Lee Bennett was known to be an extremely intelligent child, with an IQ of 131. He had an insatiable thirst for knowledge, and he enjoyed reading books on various subjects, including science, history, and technology. Paris showed early signs of exceptional intelligence, and by the age of four, Paris could read books meant for older kids.

Paris’ personality was marked by introversion, and he found it difficult to make friends. Even when he did, he tended to be a loner. His classmates thought of him as being strange and too smart for his age. He was called “bookish” and “nerdy,” and some kids did poke fun at him. Despite this, Paris had a close relationship with his sister, Ella, who idolized him.

Background of the Paris Lee Bennett Family

Before the murder of Ella, the Bennett family was seen as the perfect American family. They lived in a large double-story house in a leafy suburb not far from downtown Huntsville. The family was known to have a strong religious background, with both parents being active members of the Church of Christ. The family attended church regularly, and Wendy was a devoted Sunday School teacher. Paris was also enthusiastic about religion, often reading the Bible and attending Sunday school with his mother. The community considered the Bennetts to be friendly, hardworking, and peaceful.

However, things began to change when Paris turned 12 years old. Paris Lee Bennett started to exhibit behavior that was increasingly erratic, leading to confrontations with his parents. He started to spend long hours on the computer, searching for dark and violent content online. His parents noticed that he was generally uncommunicative and found it challenging to connect with him. Paris’s behavior disrupted his parents’ marriage, with both Wendy and Mark constantly arguing and disagreeing over the best way to handle their son’s behavior. Isaac, the youngest of the Bennett children, was largely ignored and left to fend for himself.

The Murder of Ella

On 17th February 1994, the Huntsville police responded to a 911 call made by Wendy Bennett. She described the gruesome scene of her 4-year-old daughter, Ella’s, murder. Paris had stabbed his sister repeatedly with a kitchen knife, causing her to bleed out. The police arrested Paris, who confessed immediately to the murder. In his confession, Paris Lee Bennett claimed that he had killed Ella to gain power. He believed he was superior to his sister and that she was holding him back.

Legal Proceedings and Convictions

Paris Lee Bennett was initially charged with capital murder for the killing of his sister Ella. However, because he was a minor, the charge was later downgraded to murder. The state also waived the death penalty, and Paris was instead sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. Paris’ attorneys made numerous appeals for leniency, citing his age, anxiety, and depression, but all appeals were denied.


The case of Paris Lee Bennett has left many questions unanswered. It is difficult to understand why a 13-year-old would commit such a heinous act. However, the Bennett family was struggling to deal with the changes that Paris was going through. Their lack of intervention ultimately led to the tragic death of the youngest member of their family, Ella. Paris’ case highlights the importance of parents seeking help when they notice changes in their children’s behavior, no matter how minor they may seem. It also raises questions about the legal system’s handling of minors involved in murder cases. Paris’ story is a reminder that mental illness can often go unnoticed in children and teenagers and can be the root of violent behavior. It is a tragedy that could have been avoided with the right interventions.

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