The ultimate tangled love life of Shonda Johnson

Some women are just never satisfied with being married only once in their life. Maybe they remarry because they are in love with the idea of love, or simply because they are after money. Shonda Johnson, her thirst for love made her a bigamist and an accomplice in the murder of Randy McCullar.

Who is Shonda Nicole Johnson and why is her story so intriguing?

Shonda Johnson whose full name is Shona Nicole Johnson is a woman who has been labeled as a bigamist by several news sources across the country. Why is she a bigamist you may be wondering? Here is her intriguing life story and her thirst for husbands.

Most women who marry, marry because of love or have men after them because they are drop-dead gorgeous. But this is not the case with Shonda Johnson. You see Shonda Nicole Johnson isn’t a woman you would describe as being gorgeous or a woman who has men going crazy over her.

Reports indicate that Shonda Johnson had nothing special about her. Her looks were less than average. Her hair was box-bleached blonde, and she had crooked teeth. Shonda Nicole Johnson’s mug shot is also that of a woman who has never bothered to become interested in self-care a day in her life.

As for her education, Shonda Johnson isn’t the brightest crayon in the box. Reports state that she had dropped out of high school, and went on the path of being crazy over men.

Despite having dropped out of high school, and having less-than-average looks; Shona Nicole Johnson was married five times. That is crazy as most people spend half of their lives finding just one person to marry.

Shonda Johnson’s marriage history is something straight out of a fantasy world, and not the good kind. She was only 28 years of age, and she had already remarried three times and divorced 2 times. This is why news sources labeled her as a bigamist.

Who were Shonda Johnson’s husbands?

As mentioned earlier, Shonda Nicole Johnson at 28 years of age was married 5 times! Here’s a list of who her husbands were/are:

  • Shonda Johnson’s first husband was Jeff Nelson whom she was married to for 6 years
  • Once her divorce from Jeff Nelson was finalized, Shonda Nicole Johnson quickly moved on to her second husband Jimmy Tidwell. This marriage lasted a short 5 months
  • Moving on, on June 24th, 1995 Shonda Nicole Johnson married her third husband Randy McCullar
  • Soon after, Shonda Nicole Johnson married Bill McIntyre. There are reports that she had gotten married to him while still married to Randy McCullar. Once again, this was a shortlived marriage
  • After leaving Randy McCullar, Shonda Johnson found work at a sleeping bag factory where she met her fourth husband Bill McIntyre.
  • Shonda Nicole Johnson moved on quickly from Bill McIntyre and began having a relationship with Timothy Richards

The truth about Shonda Johnson’s many marriages is a shocking story. Above is a list of all of Shonda’s paramours, but here is where her story takes an interesting turn and why she has been labeled as a bigamist by many news sources.

Originally, it seemed that Shonda Johnson moved on to her second marriage after her divorce was finalized. However, it was her transition from her second marriage to her third that raises a lot of questions.

One particular question is whether or not Shonda Johnson’s marriage with her second husband Jimmy Tidwell was finalized or not before she married Randy McCullar.

According to Randy McCullar, he had found out that Shonda Johnson’s marriage to Jimmy Tidwell was not finalized. The sad part about this is that Randy McCullar allegedly found out about this on the day of his wedding to Shonda Nicole Johnson.

Although Randy McCullar and Shandy Nicole Johnson got married, their marriage was not perfect. The cloud of Shonda Johnson’s unfinalized divorce hung over their heads, and there was also the question of whether Shonda Johnson was in another relationship while being married to Randy McCullar.

The tangled web of Shonda Johnson’s marriage with Randy McCullar

The focus of this story is Shonda Johnson and her marriage to Randy McCullar and how this tangled web of love led to an atrocious act of murder being committed.

As mentioned in the list above, Randy McCullar was Shonda Johnson’s third husband whom she had married on June 24th, 1995. Their love story seemed doomed from the start as their marriage did not begin on good terms.

On the day of their wedding, Randy McCullar allegedly found out that Shonda Nicole Johnson’s marriage to her ex-husband had not been finalized. Randy McCullar was distraught by this news, however, they still married anyways.

It was a month after their non-legal marriage did Shonda Nicole Johnson and Randy McCullar get married legally. However, their marriage was short-lived.  It seemed the shadow of Shonda Johnson’s marriage to Jimmy Tidwell was too much for Randy McCullar to bear.

Randy McCullar and Shonda Johnson parted ways just after a few months of being together, however, their divorce was not yet finalized when she met her fourth husband Bill McIntyre.

Shonda Nicole Johnson allegedly met Bill McIntyre while she was working at a sleeping bag factory. It seemed that the couple had hit it off, and just after a short while of dating they got married on September 29th, 1995.

It seems that Shonda Nicole Johnson was really in love with Bill McIntyre because the couple stayed together for nearly a year. That is a record for Shonda Johnson considering most of her marriages lasted only a mere few months.

Now the story gets interesting. Randy McCullar had found out that Shonda Johnson had married Bill McIntyre before he had even had a chance to file for a divorce, and it seems that her divorce with her second husband Jimmy Tidwell was still not finalized at this point.

It was this revelation that prompted Randy McCullar to file bigamy charges against Shonda Nicole Johnson.

The ultimate betrayal: how Shonda Johnson met Timothy Richards

The ultimate betrayal came the day Randy McCullar filed bigamy charges against Shonda Nicole Johnson.

Shonda Nicole Johnson could not stand that Randy McCullar had filed these charges against her and asked her then-husband Bill McIntyre to kill Randy.

The ultimate tangled love life of Shonda Johnson

Bill McIntyre had refused to do so, and this enraged Shonda NicoleJohnson even more. To add fuel to the fire, Bill McIntyre had informed Shonda Nicole Johnson that he was dying of AIDS.

With the fact that Bill McIntyre refused to kill Randy McCullar and the fact that he was dying from AIDS, Shonda Nicole Johnson left him and was on a path to find a man who would be willing to do her bidding.

Luck was on her side when she met Timothy Richards. He was infatuated with Shonda Johnson and the couple got married shortly after the meeting.

It seemed that Timothy Richards would have done anything for Shonda Johnson including murder, and that is exactly what he did. Timothy Richards murdered Randy McCullar at the behest of the woman he was completely head over heels in love with.

Here is how the murder of Randy McCullar happened:

  • The couple waited for Randy McCullar outside a local bar in Jasper, Alabama that he often frequented
  • When Randy McCullar entered the bar, this is when Timothy Richards and Shonda Johnson slashed the tires of his car
  • Slashing Randy McCullar’s tires was the whole purpose of the plan to ensure that they would have the right moment in which Timothy Richards could pull the trigger
  • Randy McCullar came out of the bar, drunk and ready to go home when he realized his car had a flat tire
  • While Randy McCullar was changing his tire, this is when Timothy Richards at the behest of Shonda Johnson pulled the trigger shooting Randy in the back of the head

Shortly after Randy McCullar was murdered, authorities brought in Shonda Johnson and Timothy Richards for questioning as at this point police were made aware of the charges filed against Shonda by Randy.

Upon questioning, it was revealed that Shonda Johnson denied having played any part in the murder of her third husband Randy McCullar, and claimed that it was her fifth husband Timothy Richards who orchestrated the entire plan and pulled the trigger.

When Timothy Richards saw the video of Shonda Nicole Johnson’s confession, he immediately felt betrayed and hurt. He could not believe that the woman he was truly and passionately in love with would throw him under the bus like this.

It was at this moment that Timothy Richards came to a sad realization. This realization was that his wife whom he loved so dearly was a selfish and heartless woman who betrayed men in her love to save herself.

Yes, seeing from Shonda Johnson’s past marriages, her whole purpose in those marriages was to be with someone only because she was lonely and leave them the moment they defied her or if she got bored of them.

Johnson hit the jackpot when she married Timothy Richards because she pulled off the ultimate betrayal. Marry a man only so that he can do your dirty work.

But Shonda was so wrong about Timothy Richards. It was this naive thinking that finally landed her in hot water.

At this point, the police were looking to pin the murder entirely on Timothy Richards and sentence him to the death penalty as murder in the state of Alabama warrens the death penalty.

However, to save himself, Timothy Richards agreed to cooperate with the authorities in hopes that his sentence would be reduced. At this point, Timothy Richards confessed that Shonda Nicole Johnson was the one who orchestrated the entire plan.

To make matters worse, a few of Shonda Johnson’s lovers came forward and also stated that she had asked them to murder Randy McCullar. These lovers were known as Randy Webb and David Prescott. It seems that she had an affair with them, but never married them because she was looking for a backup plan in case Timothy Richards would back out from killing Randy McCullar.

Where is Shonda Nicole Johnson now?

She already had a charge of bigamy against her as a result of Randy McCullar filing one against her before his death, she would have accepted these charges just to save herself from being convicted of murder.

However, Shonda was not so lucky as a grand jury convicted Shonda Johnson of first-degree murder and the one who masterminded the entire plan.

On November 30th, 1997 Shonda Nicole Johnson was convicted of murder and was incarcerated in Jasper, Walker Country, Alabam, USA, and awaited her execution.

The final blow came on October 22nd, 1999 when Shonda Nicole Johnson met her timely end. It was on this day that she was executed. 

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