7 Best Portable Camping Toilets in 2020

If you are going on a camping trip then keeping a portable camping toilet is undoubtedly a great idea. It not only brings convenience and ease to you but also is very hygienic. You can take it with you while going hunting, fishing, or any other visit to places far from home. Here is a complete guide for you on the 7 best portable camping toilets in 2020!

What are the best camping toilets?

With the facility of carrying a small toilet system to any place you want to go, life has become quite easier. Now you can bring this inexpensive portable toilet with you without having to search for public toilets in unknown and unsafe areas.

camping toilets

Let’s have a look at the 7 best portable camping toilets in 2020 and see what are their distinctive features:

1. Camco Portable Travel

A very affordable design that comes with side latches, the Camco has a comfortable seat safeguarded against any leakage. The odor is controlled by efficiently made valves. Not only this, but it also contains a freshwater tank of almost 2.5 gallons and a bellows system helps in operating the flush. By removing the waste tank from the seat, it gets cleaned for further use. Check out more about it here: Camco Portable Travel.

Special Features

  • Best for prolonged use
  • The flushing system is very efficient
  • No leakages and smell
  • Sturdy construction
  • Light in weight

2. Reliance Products luggable

It is a simple bucket system famous for use by hunters and campers.  Besides being quite affordable and easy to use, it is also very comforting. With 5 gallons of volume and a hinged seat, it is extremely good to be used during outdoor activities such as hiking. Hence, a disposable bag is attached to it for throwing away the waste.

Special Features

  • Much durable and long-lasting
  • Economical
  • Best cleaning system
  • Easy to fit on the ground

3. Visa Potty 248

Like the portable toilets mentioned above, this one also is convenient to use and carry. However, the waste handle is a bit hard to use. It has a waste capacity of almost 4.7 gallons with a 2.4-gallon water tank attached. Furthermore, the piston pump for a two-directional rinse can be easily replaced and the bowl is deep. Along with having such a unique design, it also has a detachable storage compartment.

Special Features

  • Too easy for cleaning
  • The indications for water and waste are quite visible
  • Long-lasting and durable

4. Cleanwaste Portable toilet

Being in the market for a long time, this well-known product has quite a functional design with a built-in handle for carrying it. It appears like a little case to be taken along weighing 8 lbs only.

Special Features

  • Three legs that can easily be folded to make it stable
  • A removable cover to put under the legs for preventing them to sink in the ground
  • Easy setup free of panic
  • Light in weight
  • Compact design

5. Serene Life Outdoor Toilet

If you are heading off for a long trip, this portable toilet is essential to be taken along for use. It offers an extra-large tank of 5.3 gallons which does not need to be cleaned too much. Hence, this is a big plus and it is very easy to empty as well due to the splash-free, quick-in-action rotating pour spout.

Special Features

  • A travel toilet bag that is much lighter in weight
  • As it is comfortable to take anywhere, so it has extensive usage
  • Easy to be used again and quite durable

 6. Reliance Products Hunter Loo

This portable toilet has an adequate capacity of approximately 5 gallons. Since the handles are made of plastic or metal, so it provides a strong grip. Similarly, it is light in weight and compact. However, one of the disadvantages is that the bucket can tip over easily.

Special Features

  • The lid of the seat can be replaced
  • It is simple and people who prefer conventional designs find it easy to use, As a result, it is highly popular
  • It is easy to remove the waste from this system

7. Restop the Commode Bucket Toilet

It has components that can be cleaned easily with a comfy seat. But there is a slight difficulty in keeping it in place since it is not very sturdy.

Special Features

  • The foam seat is very relaxing despite being not much stable
  • The sealed lid contains smells when being transit to the point of disposal
  • Much easier to carry and is like a small bucket

Holidays are meant to be thoroughly enjoyed and if you have such amazingly designed portable toilets with you, there is no need to worry about long tours. Whether it is a beach or any park, camping in the forests or seaside, these portable toilets are always there to help you out. You do not have to roam about in far-off places while searching for a toilet when you have an easy-to-carry mini toilet system with you.

Things You Need To Know Before Buying Camping Toilets

Before buying any product, it is necessary to check whether that product fits your requirements or not. You should figure out the pros and cons of a particular thing before going to buy it. It is always a good idea to ask for a general public opinion regarding some product and then you can go for specifications. Here is a list of things you should find out before buying portable toilets that will also help you in finding the best portable camping toilets in 2020:


This is one of the most important factors that you should be well aware of the purpose for which you are buying a portable toilet. For instance, you should know why you need it. Is it going to help you on a trip that you have planned? Whether you are going for some recreational activity like hiking, camping, or hunting or you plan to keep it for emergencies, be aware of your purpose. It might be bought to save the environment from pollution.


The size of a camping toilet is another important factor. If you plan to take it while traveling, it must be easy to carry. Hence, different sizes of portable toilets are available as the standard model, deluxe, or luxury one, you just have to pick what suits your situation.


The duration of staying at a particular place is yet another factor to be kept in mind while buying a camping toilet. Since you already plan how many people are going with you and how much time you will spend on a tour, the design of your camping toilet must be fit for maintenance.


Knowing the prices that exist in a variety of ranges, always choose the best portable toilet for your budget. Also, you should see whether your portable toilet needs additional waste kits or not. The different portable toilets come with many options for warranties. Choose the one having a warranty for a longer period.

Additional Accessories

While buying portable toilets, a few accessories like a urine diverter, toilet chemicals, and paper with some other essentials are also needed. You should buy a good quality portable toilet whose spare parts can be found easily if there is a need for replacing the old parts with new ones.


As mentioned already, the quality of portable toilets should be good enough to fulfill your requirements. By viewing any product, one usually gets an idea of its quality and design. However, parameters like warranty, durability and pricing range are equally significant to be considered.

All the aforementioned things should be taken into account before purchasing camping toilets or any other product as well. The knowledge of a customer helps him go for the best option and choose products that are best for his needs.

Difference Between Conventional Toilets and Composting Toilets

Many people are not aware of this new type of toilet known as composting toilets. While they are quite common in some parts, the rest of the world might not be much familiar with this term.

camping toilet

Conventional Toilets

The conventional toilets need the flushing system to be in the proper place and the water tanks to be refilled as per needs. The dumpsite is made accessible for dumping off the wastes and it does not take many complex ways. It has a disadvantage that the smell does not go too quickly as it depends upon the sewage system and how well it has been built and maintained.

If you go for buying a portable conventional toilet, it will be much more economic and time-saving as compared to composting toilets. Having said that, it is a must to know about composting toilets in detail.

Composting toilets

In composting toilets, the decomposition of organic matter is performed to get rid of waste. If you are buying a portable one, it has separate compartments for keeping solid and liquid wastes.

Why should it be preferred?

Following are some major benefits of using composting toilets as compared to conventional ones:

  1. Water is not needed for flushing due to its decomposition phenomenon.
  2. Liquids and solids are separated by it due to two different compartments.
  3. The wastes can be disposed to a variety of options Liquid can be flushed in toilets and solids can be thrown in dumpsters.
  4. Only a composting medium is required, and no chemicals or agents for cleaning.
  5. Sphagnum peat moss is used as a composting medium that possesses environmental sustainability.
  6. Small-sized exhaust fans are inserted in them to remove the odor and prevent mold growth.


It is a matter of fact that everything has its pros and cons. Likewise, composting toilets have some disadvantages:

  1. The tanks filled with the liquid need to be emptied every day and you will have to bear with the smell while dumping it off.
  2. Putting the waste in the garbage might be a bit filthy process and you will have to rehydrate the composting medium and put it in the tank for further use.
  3. The whole emptying process might take up to 30 minutes or more.
  4. This process takes much effort as compared to conventional methods.

Hence, keeping in mind all the pros and cons of both toilets, you should select the one that is best for you. It depends on your requirements and is a matter of personal choice. Do not be misled by any wrongly interpreted information and always search for the facts. Being a smart and well-aware customer helps you in saving your time, money, and additional efforts and ultimately brings out the best results.

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