8 Best Credit Card Knives in 2020

Credit card knives are pocket-friendly knives used for a variety of applications in everyday life. Being outdoors, you might need to cut different materials and a folding knife can be of great help to you. They are named credit card knives since their shape is like a credit card that can fit easily in your wallet. Check out the 8 best credit card knives in 2020 here:

Best Credit Card Knives

These few knives are the best ones to be used and have excellent features:

1. YaeTact Credit Card Knife

This credit card knife is best for use in emergencies, for traveling, and in many military operations. The size is ideal like that of a credit card and it can be easily carried along in your purse or wallet.

Special Features

  • It can be used as a bottle opener, compass, magnifier, toothpick, and in lots of ways.
  • The toughest materials can be cut easily.
  • As it contains stainless steel so it is a very strong and durable knife to be used for a prolonged period.
  • Besides having other multiple applications, it can also be used as a perfect screwdriver.

 2. Survival Credit Card Knife

This is a very uniquely designed knife with a 3″ razor-sharp blade which can cut the hardest materials precisely. Furthermore, it can be taken along whether you are going for a long trip or camping, it always proves to be a great option. For more details, check Credit Card Knife – Your Invisible Weapon.

Special Features

  • Portable knife to be carried around easily
  • It is much lighter in weight i.e only 35 g
  • Likewise, this credit card knife is quick in action and can be opened or folded without any difficulty

3. Holtzman’s Credit Card Knife

If you love to go on outdoor activities and adventurous sports, cutting fruits, vegetables and other essentials like ropes need a compact-sized knife that can fulfill all your requirements. What is better than this amazing piece made to solve all such problems?

Special Features

  • Light in weight yet perfect for cutting the hardest of materials
  • Small in size like that of a credit card, hence easy to carry
  • In addition to that, it is made of stainless steel makes it a powerful tool
  • Unique and appealing design

4. Supreme Blade Black

This handy knife that can be folded and kept in the wallet easily is yet another creation of the Credit Card knives. Not only in action but also with its classic black color, it appears very pleasant to the eye. Like most of the knives of this company, it is also perfectly designed as a tool for all household activities. The best feature is again its use for multiple purposes.

Special Features

  • It can be used as a letter opener, cutter, or tactical knife
  • Finally, a tool offering a very precise cut instead of getting stuck again and again
  • Moreover, it is one of the coolest choices if you like being classy
  • Very well constructed to cope with all kinds of situations

5. Boker Plus

Talking about the best quality knives, it would be unfair to not mention this masterpiece. This knife is designed in an innovative style. And where to start from, it is exceptionally good for self-defense, sharpening objects like wooden spears just like the Infidels. Likewise, it is best for making arrows and doing the smallest of tasks like household chores.

Special Features

  • It is ultra-thin making it quite useful. For instance, it can be carried easily in a pocket which means highly portable
  • The blade is locked very rightly without getting disengaged so it is much safer to use.
  • This well-designed knife has lots of incredible features, it is rust-free as there are no such hinged parts
  • Apart from bearing much strength, it also has a sharp razor for cutting things as per your choice
  • No carbon footprint or shipping cost, hence it is eco-friendly as well
  • It does not have any clip so it fits inside the credit card keeper
  • It is quite different in design from the typical knives and appears very slim and catchy

6. ShieldSurvival

Trending all across the world, credit card knives have truly marked a standard of their own. Do you want to know about a much more fascinating collection of these knives? Let’s see what it has to offer yet again!

Special Features

  • High-quality stainless steel, of course, the constant in all Credit Card knives is its part too
  • Interestingly, it comes with a mini kit that has a ruler, saw, bottle-opening tool, and many other such things
  • Likewise, the size is fit to be carried in the pocket
  • Fantastic to be folded into just three operations helpful in the time saving
  • Can be used to gift someone who loves collecting such masterpieces


Considered one of the best credit card knives of the present time, it is highly popular in the market. Check out what makes it this way:

Special Features

  • Costing only about $10, it has 18 tools all set to help you out
  • Nothing better than getting the facility of refunding what you got, this knife comes with an offer to refund within 30 days of purchase
  • The blade is corrosion-resistant
  • Stainless steel – durable and long-lasting, a feature common to all knives mentioned above

8. RenoDirect

Last but certainly not least, presenting to you with one of the most affordable options. If you are low on a budget and want something good, RenoDirect is the right choice for you. Want to know why? Here is all that you must know:

Special Features

  • It is equally important to find out a product that suits your budget, the RenoDirect costs only $3.50
  • Furthermore, it is easily manageable to flip open and use wherever you want
  • Like said before, one of the cheapest knives for you at the moment
  • This slim and lightweight knife is yet portable

It would be an understatement to say that these are just a few knives. As you can see, there is so much to offer in just the smallest collection. Moreover, many other such knives are available in the Credit Card knives stock and it was just 8 of them. So, without a second thought, go for exploring more about these coolest knives and share your thoughts as well.

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