Best Emerson Knives in 2020

At times, it gets necessary to have some tools that can be helpful in self-defense. Not only for tactical purposes, but it has also become a need of almost everyone who wants to protect himself from an attacker. While you are planning to live a safe life, it is a must to know what are the best Emerson knives in 2020 that can be of use to you.


These knives, now popular across the world as Emerson Knives were first founded by Ernest and his wife Mary Emerson in 1966. He was a well-known martial artist and had expertise in designing blades and knives of many kinds. His purpose in making such knives was to provide the best quality, sharp knives to the US Military and other locals searching for them. The main company is located in Torrance, California.

Special Features

Emerson knives possess some distinctive features and are known to be one of the best folding knives in the world. Due to the unique design and different manufacturing mechanisms like the Walker liner lock and wave-shaped opening mechanism, they can easily be used for one-handed opening when drawn from the pocket. Ernest has experimented by expanding custom-made designs to mass production of knives without any change in the quality or functioning. All of his transitions proved to be successful and hence, the Emerson Knives are used and admired by many.

Best Emerson Knives in 2020

Uniquely Designed Blades

The Emerson blades are produced by the use of 154CM steel. Sometimes, they are also made from carbide-edged Titanium and other such materials. These blades are pointed and very effective in action. Fiberglass scale and stainless steel are used in liners. Upon multiple trials and tests, these blades have been recognized as best for use in real-world conditions like war.

Ernest has kept a few materials similar in all kinds of his knives and with some modifications, he has developed a huge mass of such knives used as weapons. Despite the perfect quality of all his designs, it has a minor drawback as well. Some people may not want a certain material in a knife but it might be used in all kinds like he has used G-10 for handles in many knives.

Types of Emerson Knives in 2020

Many modifications have been made to these knives till now. However, the quality and effectiveness have been kept intact. Some of the best Emerson knives available in 2020 are as under:

1. Mini Commander

The blade used in this model is .125 inches thick with a 4.6-inch handle. Its total weight is 4.5 ounces. It is popular as a pocket knife with a pointed tip. It can be used for cutting fruits as well with its sharp edges. But this pocket-friendly knife is only for right-handed people.

2. La Griffe

It is a word used in French that means ‘the claw’. It is one of the famous Emerson knives having a short handle and short blade. Since it has a small size so it can be easily handled and can be carried along even at long distances. It has a 1.75-inch blade bearing a handle of 3.125-inches. The most widely used 154CM steel is also a part of it.

3. Sheepdog

This is built on the purpose of self-defense and is appropriate for use by a Police officer. It is easy to handle and has a spear point blade. Besides, it also has a deep finger groove that keeps the hand in place and is comfortable. A little care is needed while keeping it in the pocket since it has G-10 sandpaper.

4. Gentleman Jim

The Gentleman Jim has a 3.75-inch blade with a weight of 4.6 ounces. It can be used as a utility knife due to its compact size and can be carried as a defense tool. The edge bevel is chisel ground whereas the blade is V ground.

5. Roadhouse

It is one sharp fighting machine that gets the job done in no time and is very quick in action. A blade of 3.8-inch length with a weight of 6 ounces makes it perfect for use. The grind is a conventional V grind with 57-59 RC hardness. Undoubtedly, one of the best tools for tactical purposes and is very effective with smooth handling features.

6. Zero Tolerance

It has a blade of 3.6-inch and weighs almost 6.2 ounces. One of the large-sized Emerson knives with satin bevels and multi-faceted grind that can be used in fields, as a weapon, and for many other such purposes.

7. Emerson A-100

It is overall 8.4-inch in length with a blade of 3.6-inch and is perfect for heavy usage. Due to its unique design and great ergonomics, it is widely used around the world. The jimping on the handle spine gets a bit less functional at times which is one of the drawbacks.

8. Super Commander

The Super Commander is the best knife for slicing purposes with a total length of 9.5-inch and a blade of 4 inches. It is the most versatile knife among all the Emerson Knives and best for main purposes. It is brilliantly designed for cutting clothes, and other materials like cords also.

Hence, these are just a few types of Emerson Knives present in 2020 which clearly shows their large demand and excellence in quality.

What Is So Special About Emerson Knives?

The main reason for the popularity of Emerson knives besides the quality is their unique designs and features especially the usefulness of wave. To know more about Emerson knives, do not miss these few things that will give you an idea of what makes them special.

Best Emerson Knives in 2020
Emerson Knife

As this picture shows, the serial number and knife model are displayed at the top. The wave feature enhances the grip and makes it sharper in use. It looks very simple yet so classy in design giving it a specialty over other typical knives. The standoff spacers are also present and have been a standard on all models since 2014.

Best Emerson Knives in 2020

Solid back spacers are not much in use now. The stainless steel flat liner and titanium lock add further strength and uniqueness to the Emerson Knives.

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